The SOSA Innofense Accelerator for Dual-Use technologies.

Are you a startup founder wanting to make an impact, discover new verticals, and grow your business? Israel’s Ministry of Defense and SOSA HLS invite you to discover how your tech solutions can transition into the defense sector and solve the most pressing challenges facing the State of Israel’s defense systems.

Tel Aviv
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August 2023

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About the program

The SOSA-Innofense Accelerator is a unique dual-use tech program designed to bridge the civilian and security world. The program supports the development process for the unique security needs and challenges of the IDF.
The program will accelerate innovative ideas and support them in POCs and real-world implementations, allowing participants to work hand in hand with MoD’s design partners. The Accelerator program is located in Tel Aviv

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The program is seeking solutions in one or more of the following areas:


Medical and Frontline First Responders

  • Automatic tourniquet device
  • A software management system to monitor and classify injured personnel for evacuation scenarios
  • Identification of internal bleeding in the field by a medic
  • A technological solution for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder - PSTD
  • A system for inducing sleep and creating deep and quality sleep in a noisy environment

Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

  • An automated diagnostics tool, used to assist doctors in initial assessment of patients' condition based on existing medical profile and symptoms
  • Detecting anomolous price quotes using artificial intelligence
  • Electromagnetic compatibility between radars of the same type in close frequency (in pulse radars not FMCW)
  • A tool for identifying and analyzing speaker emotions in phone conversations
  • Finding suitability between specifications and bills of quantities and advanced checks for bills of quantities (detecting contradictions)
  • Retraining of models trained on simulative information using real information
  • Preservation of resolution quality of image/video that was received via low bandwidth and without control of the edge components
  • Detecting drownings in the open sea
  • Reduction of trained AI model size in order to run on edge devices (front-end analytics)
  • Detection of authentic text/images placed in a misleading / fake context


  • Detecing the shape and composition of materials beyond line of sight
  • A system to measure turbulance intensity passively, through different ranges during day and night


  • A tool for identifying invalid, missing and duplicate documents in a computerized documentation system
  • A tool for summarizing documents in Hebrew; Creating an executive summary, presenting key topics, connnecting between similar documents and drawing conclusions

Logistics and Maintenance

  • Digital inspection for construction permits
  • Predictive maintenance for engines in ground-based platforms; predicting failure and finding relationships between different indicators to establish preventive maintenance
  • Automating purchasing of items based on the item data (Based on SAP platform)
  • Automatic hybrid management of a controled traffic region (CTR) without infrastructure (Drone management).
  • Change detection for urban scenes – Interest in Geospatial intelligence tech to perform high level impact analysis with traversability of ground operations  

Cyber Security

  • Software validation based on machine learning and statistical research methods - identifying malicious files without running the software, identifying malicious code using properties  statically extracted from the file against an unknown number of variants
  • Software validation based on machine learning and dynamic research methods - identifying malicious files while running the software, identifying malicious code using characteristics extracted from the file and/or acts that the file will execute following running it dynamically on an unknown number of variants
  • Solutions for information management and security based on blockchain technology
  • A tool to automatically mask parts of information in a document, information, text, software, video, audio, etc. in order to maintain privacy


Localization and Navigation

  • Passive ground navigation in open terrain in an environment without GNSS and without prior mapping
  • Modification of existing 3D models of large areas, using new or partial data generated from different sensors and/or applied on different angles at different times
  • INDOOR navigation based on a single sensor
  • Decentralized GPS- denied swarming (for 1-100 UxVs)



  • Recycling textile items made of mixed synthetic and natural fabric in large volumes
  • Energy generation based on commonly available sources
  • Harvesting energy from the environment for an energy consumption of 0.5w on average

Human-Computer Interface

  • Intuitive control of a computer interface/robotic platform using neurophysiology/eye movements
  • Improving cognitive capacity/performance using a "sense sharpening" technology or multisensory stimuli


General: Human Resources and Engineering

  • A remote computerized tool that enables interactive measurement of personal managerial characteristics
  • Transferring troops in a minefield without neutralizing the mines

Why join?

Put your technology to the test

Selected startups will have the opportunity to implement their solutions in real-world scenarios with Israel’s Ministry of Defense & the IDF.

Get a ₪170,000
non-equity funding

Get a ₪170,000 non-equity grant.
The program will provide the startups with a non-equity grant of ₪170,000 to lay the groundwork for transition into the security sector.

Gain access to a global network

Participants will receive guidance, mentorship and support from the SOSA HLS team, as well as access to SOSA’s network of investors, multinational corporations and industry leaders.

Work from the heart of the ecosystem

Selected startups will receive a six-month entry to the SOSA Space. You’ll be working at the core of it all, one step away from your next business opportunity.  

Get the business tools you need

Participating startups will receive legal, business, accounting and marketing mentoring. SOSA’s innovation experts will map out participant’s needs and devise a financial plan built to achieve milestones.

Develop commercially and technologically

Innofense participants will be exposed to potential investors and relevant industries in order to assist their commercial and technological development.
Idan Shimon
First cohort of The Innofense Accelerator
“I highly recommend the SOSA accelerator program. Through the program, we were able to refine our product at a critical stage and introduce our product to the defense ecosystem. The program’s grant and introduction to key investment took us to the next level.”

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