Brazil's Sustainable Tech Journey: Charting a Course for the Future

Discover Brazil's rapid ascent as a global player in sustainable technology through our pivotal report presented at the 10th Annual International Industry Innovation Summit.

SOSA's editorial team
December 2023

On the occasion of the 10th Annual International Industry Innovation Summit focused on Eco-Innovation, SOSA presented a pivotal report, highlighting Brazil's rapid emergence as a global force in sustainable technology.

Empowering Brazil's Tech Future

In collaboration with CNI and SEBRAE, SOSA initiated a strategic project in June 2023 to meticulously map Brazil's startup ecosystem. The overarching goal is to establish connectivity between Brazil's flourishing technology sector and global corporations, fostering partnerships that drive sustainable innovation. With objectives spanning coalition building, identification of future leaders, the creation of a startup database, and a 3-year ecosystem mapping project. 

Exploring Brazil's Sustainable Tech Horizon

In this report, we conducted a thorough analysis of 67 Brazilian companies, categorizing them into four core areas: Agricultural Sustainability, Industrial Sustainability, Supply Chain Sustainability, and Infrastructure Sustainability. From revolutionizing agricultural practices to optimizing industrial operations and reshaping supply chain dynamics, these companies exemplify Brazil's commitment to sustainability through tech innovation. 

Leveraging Savvy, our Innovation Management Platform

Central to the success of this mapping project is Savvy,SOSA's exclusive SaaS platform tailored for innovation teams. Functioning as the operating system for this initiative, Savvy empowers our scouting team to meticulously index Brazilian startups. Through its advanced features, Savvy ensures the visibility of these startups and facilitates seamless matchmaking with potential partners for valuable commercial opportunities.

A Deep Dive into Sustainable Innovation

This report explores Brazil's tech landscape, showcasing the harmonious integration of innovation and sustainability. Dive into our comprehensive findings to gain a profound understanding of Brazil's flourishing sustainable tech domain.

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