SOSA x SEBRAE: Empowering Brazilian Startups Globally

Discover how the SOSA and SEBRAE collaboration fosters innovation, connectivity, and global recognition, amplifying opportunities for growth in the Brazilian Innovation ecosystem.

SOSA's Editorial Team
January 2024

2023 marked a fruitful partnership between SOSA and SEBRAE, bringing about positive changes in the Brazilian startup ecosystem. Through this collaboration, Brazilian startups were given the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in global markets.

SOSA and SEBRAE's 2023 Land to Launch Program

The centerpiece of this collaboration was the Land to Launch program, unfolding from January to June 2023. Attracting 133 startups, the selection process identified nine standout ventures in sectors like Health Tech, Industry 4.0, Education, Marketing, and Life Sciences. Virtual learning sessions over the span of 4 months  set the stage for their 10-day immersive experience in New York.

This in-person program, held in SOSA New York’s office, provided these winning startups with tangible tools for internationalization. Personalized mentoring, workshops, and networking opportunities with investors and corporates in New York fueled the startups' journey into global markets.

And the results have been remarkable. 

Success Stories: Fastdezine, V-Lab, Alfa Sense Flourish Post SOSA Program

Fastdezine, a leading Brazilian startup specializing in on-demand marketing projects, swiftly translated its participation in SOSA's Land to Launch program into tangible business success. This includes the establishment of global strategic partnerships, yielding significant deals with U.S. clients, expanding the client base to include 18 countries, and contributing to a doubling of recurring revenues.

VLab, a MedTech startup, has achieved remarkable success after participating in the SOSA's Land to Launch program. Since the completion of the program in June 2023, V-Lab has signed 28 new contracts, experienced a 15% increase in sales revenue, expanded its client portfolio to include Mexico, Chile, and Uruguay, and grown its team by 20%. V-lab CEO Thiago Lima commented on the program, saying ”A truly excellent program with up-to-date content and very good networking opportunities."

Participants, including Alfa Sense's Co-Founder and CTO, Victor Diago, praised the program for its impact on their flourishing company:

"Can't express enough how much joining the program has helped our business grow. It provided us with the tools and support we needed to take our business to the next level!"

Mapping the Future: SOSA and SEBRAE's Collective Effort in Brazilian Innovation Ecosystem

SOSA's collaboration with SEBRAE extended beyond Land to Launch into ecosystem mapping. 

This initiative united 10 innovation environments nationwide, bringing together accelerators and innovation hubs, to identify and showcase prominent startups and foster collaboration opportunities.

As a result, 393 startups were indexed using SOSA’s Savvy platform, providing insights into the future of sustainability through Brazilian tech.

Looking forward, the SOSA and SEBRAE partnership remains committed to guiding Brazilian startups on an innovation odyssey, continuing to build bridges between local innovation and the global stage. 

" SOSA demonstrated outstanding professionalism, guiding our startups through global market challenges and delivering exceptional results. They strengthened Brazilian entrepreneurship in global markets through their proactive approach and expertise. In addition to providing valuable resources, strategic connections and essential knowledge, SOSA's collaboration with SEBRAE continues to be an essential catalyst for sustainable growth. Together, we consolidate a path of excellence and innovation that elevates Brazil's international standing."
Rodrigo Rodrigues, Innovation Project Analyst and Startup Data Steward at SEBRAE

By partnering with SOSA in 2023, SEBRAE doubled down on its commitment to be a pivotal player in boosting Brazilian startups onto the international stage, supporting their expansion into global markets and creating opportunities that resonate far beyond the duration of specific initiatives. At SOSA, we are proud to stand alongside and support these ventures in their development and contribute to the flourishing of the Brazilian Innovation ecosystem.  

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