Fastdezine's Global Ascent: A Land to Launch Success Story

Discover how Fastdezine, a leading Brazilian startup, soared to international heights through SOSA's Land to Launch accelerator program. Uncover the challenges conquered, innovative solutions implemented, and the tangible results that transformed Fastdezine's journey into a testament of global success and strategic growth.

SOSA's Editorial Team
January 2024

Fastdezine's participation in SOSA's Land to Launch Accelerator Program led to significant business outcomes: AI integration boosted lead generation, securing a significant contract in the U.S. Recurring revenues doubled, and international expansion saw customer base grow in the U.S. and globally.  Diversification through partnerships, like with Studio Shout, expanded the company’s service offering, showcasing the program's efficacy in driving tangible business success. 

The Challenge: 

Fastdezine aimed to strengthen its international presence, specifically in the U.S., with a focus on acquiring new clients. Their objective was to secure key contracts, grow revenue, and expand operations. 

The Solution 

Fastdezine applied for the Land to Launch Accelerator Program in order to address these challenges. Over the course of four months, the startup went through virtual learning sessions that set the stage for an immersive 10-day experience in New York. The program took place between March 2023 and June 2023. 

As part of this program, Fastdezine received tangible tools for internationalizing and expanding to the U.S. market from SOSA New York's office. In addition to personalized mentoring, workshops, networking opportunities, and curated introductions to potential investors, clients, and partners, the startup was able to reach global markets with tailored introductions. 

The Results: 

AI Integration and Strategic Partnership: 

○ A workshop delivered by SOSA mentor Elon Salfati introduced Fastdezine to new AI tools which it integrated into its Lead Generation services, a core service they offer to their clients. 

○ This strategic move allowed Fastdezine to develop an important differentiator for their service offering. 

○ Within six months of completing Land to Launch, Fastdezine secured a substantial three-year contract with IDL Ventures in Chicago, enhanced by this specific feature. 

○ The contract involves generating leads for 80 startups over 4-5 months, resulting in a significant total contract value over the three-year period. 

Revenue Growth and Recurring Business: 

○ Fastdezine's recurring revenue doubled throughout the program and in the six months after its completion.

International Expansion: 

○ Leveraging the program's opportunities, Fastdezine successfully expanded its global footprint, securing partnership agreements and significant contracts in the U.S.

○ The company grew their global footprint, expanding to new markets

Diversification through Studio Shout Partnership: 

○ As part of its expansion efforts, Fastdezine has partnered with Studio Shout, a participant in the SOSA’s Creative Industries Accelerator Program, in cooperation with PROCOMER, which supports Costa Rican startups seeking to expand to the United States. 

○ This partnership focuses on 3D modeling and digital animation, with a pilot project currently underway, 

○ The collaboration presents substantial potential for future projects, further enhancing Fastdezine's international presence and diversifying their revenue streams. 

Reflecting on the program, Ursula Aleixo, Co-Founder at Fastdezine emphasized,

“SOSA's Land to Launch Accelerator Program provided the ideal platform for us to amplify our global presence. The immersive experience, paired with virtual learning, business introductions, and workshops, resulted in closing a number of deals with U.S. clients and forming strategic partnerships. These outcomes not only propelled our growth but also created new revenue streams globally.” 

Fastdezine's participation in SOSA's Land to Launch Accelerator Program swiftly translated into international business success. The company’s growth is underscored by the establishment of global strategic partnerships, yielding significant deals with U.S. clients, expanding their client base to 18 countries, and contributing to a doubling in recurring revenues.

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