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We work with innovation teams and business units in corporations (like LG, HP, Schneider Electric, RBC, Swiss Re) and cities and governments (like Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Taiwan). We scout and validate startups and technologies to bring our clients the solutions they need to solve acute problems, identify opportunities, or build new products. Think noise-canceling headphones for the endless supply of startups.

Since 2014, we’ve literally been in the room facilitating discussions between large organizations and tech companies. From the first touchpoint all the way to pilots, implementations, and investments, we find our clients precisely the technologies they need to advance innovation.

Corporate innovation programs

We work closely with innovation teams at corporations (like HP, LG, Swiss Re and Natura) to bring about meaningful innovation.

We tune out the noise to bring our corporate clients precisely the startups and technologies they need to solve pressing challenges or create substantial new business opportunities, fast.

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To learn more about our programs, book a complimentary consultation with our corporate innovation team.

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and cities programs

We work with governments and cities (like Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Canada and Taiwan) to push innovation, drive economic growth, and attract foreign direct investments.

We build digital transformation programs for corporations and economic development organizations, as well as startup programs designed to scale and export local technologies to global markets.  

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Book a complimentary consultation with our government and cities specialist.

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