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Uzi Scheffer, SOSA's CEO

Uzi Scheffer CEO


Reflecting on SOSA's Impactful Journey in 2023

by Uzi Scheffer

As we welcome the new year, I want to extend my deepest gratitude and celebrate the accomplishments of our clients, who have broken new ground in driving business impact through innovation. We at SOSA are proud to stand tall amidst the challenges of a year that tested our perseverance and determination, driven by our firm commitment to innovation and impact.

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"Klabin's dedication to sustainable innovation has been enhanced through our collaboration with SOSA and CNI. Our projects exemplify our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. By partnering with SOSA, we've identified the optimal partners for our initiatives."

Renata Freesz Pinto

Innovation Project Manager


"Through SOSA, we have developed successful strategic collaborations with tech startups, resulting in real and measurable business impact. SOSA has been a valuable partner in helping us navigate the landscape of emerging technologies."

Mali Marton

Head of Corporate Innovation

Elta systems ltd

Introducing SOSA Brazil's New CEO: Gianna Sagazio

Join the exciting journey led by Gianna Sagazio, spearheading SOSA's expansion into Brazil. Witness innovation and collaboration unfold, reinforcing SOSA's commitment to impacting corporate innovation in the region.

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"SOSA showcased outstanding professionalism, skillfully navigating our startups through global market challenges and delivering exceptional results. Their proactive approach and expertise were pivotal to the success of new entrepreneurs, boosting the presence of Brazilian entrepreneurship globally. The collaboration between SOSA and SEBRAE remains an essential catalyst for sustainable growth, providing valuable resources, strategic connections, and essential knowledge. We appreciate SOSA's dedication, together consolidating a path of innovation and excellence."

Rodrigo Rodrigues
Innovation Project Analyst and Startup Data Steward

Startups thrived under SOSA's accelerator programs

In 2023, SOSA fueled startup success with tailored accelerator programs, shaping global growth.







Costa Rica


The Czech Republic







Governments Collaborated With

"SOSA has played a pivotal role in advancing our companies, propelling them to big heights and facilitating their evolution to the next level of success."

Maykool Lopez

Director, Trade Office of Costa Rica in New York


"The program was incredibly well planned, run, and the feedback from our participants was super positive. We are excited to work with SOSA again in the future."

Matej Zahradnik

Director of East Coast Operation

Czech Invest

Case study

Fastdezine's Global Ascent: A Land to Launch Success Story

Discover how Fastdezine, a leading Brazilian startup, soared to international heights through SOSA's Land to Launch accelerator program. Uncover the challenges conquered, innovative solutions implemented, and the tangible results that transformed Fastdezine's journey into a testament of global success and strategic growth.

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Navigating the Tech Boom in NYC

Historically a financial hub, NYC has in recent years become a tech powerhouse, making it an ideal landing pad for foreign startups expanding to the US. Discover how SOSA's robust network of mentors, investors, and resources empower startups worldwide to gain traction in the Big Apple.

by Elan Fox

Program Manager, SOSA NYC

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SOSA Ventures: Crafting the Future of Secure Investments

by Roni Kenet Harmelin

SOSA Ventures is the latest addition to SOSA's global endeavors. With over 10 years of experience at the intersection of tech startups and multinational corporations, we have developed a new model for de-risked investments. 

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