SOSA and CzechInvest's Bootcamp in NYC Empowers Czech Startups

SOSA and CzechInvest joined forces for the impactful 2023 Czech Startup Bootcamp in New York, a bespoke two-day program amplifying Czech startups' U.S. expansion journey.

SOSA editorial team
December 2023

In collaboration with CzechInvest, SOSA recently concluded the 2023 Czech Startup Bootcamp—a dynamic two-day program hosted at SOSA New York, exclusively tailored for Czech startups eyeing U.S. expansion. Packed with high-level workshops, practical tools, and expert insights, the program aimed to accelerate the success of participating startups in the American market, with New York as a landing pad. From industry experts to corporate executives to investors, the program strategically connected startups with key players, demonstrating how SOSA collaborates with government-led initiatives to help expand local startups to the US, starting with client acquisition. 

About CzechInvest

CzechInvest is the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic whose services and development programs contribute to attracting foreign investment and developing Czech companies. CzechInvest plays a key role in the area of supporting business and investments in its comprehensive form. The agency’s unique combination of regional, central and international operations ensures the integrity of services and the ability to connect global trends with regional conditions in the Czech Republic


The Czech Startup Bootcamp showcased startups Superface,  MEBSTER, Pulsar Solutions , OpenWise Solutions, and ELLIO Technology each exhibiting a unique facet of innovation within the Czech startup scene.

Operating in AI, MedTech, E-commerce, Cybersecurity and software development, these early-stage startups are developing proprietary technology and pivoting their product-market fit the US market.

Program Highlights

The success of the 2023 Czech Startup Bootcamp is embedded in its day-to-day journey, meticulously curated by SOSA's Accelerator Program Team:

Day 1 of the program included a guided exploration of NYC's entrepreneurial landscape, delving into building strong U.S. sales teams and revenue scaling strategies. The day concluded by exploring strategic approaches, cultural adaptation, and effective marketing strategies.  

Day 2 was a deep dive into preparing for success in the U.S. ecosystem. The startups learned from sessions on legal essentials – covering intellectual property, patent law, and U.S. entity setup, –  fundraising strategies, and banking options, providing a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the intricacies of the American business landscape.

Participants' feedback

As the program came to an end, participants enthusiastically shared their testimonials, emphasizing the practical tools and actionable insights they gained. Their feedback underscores the tangible impact of SOSA's startup programs, highlighting the wealth of expertise offered by the industry leaders they meet in the program: 

“SOSA introduces expanding startups to the business and cultural landscape of the US, and I can't imagine a better program for founders looking to enter the US market without an existing network.”

Radek Novotný, Co-Founder and CEO at Superface

“This proved to be an exceptional startup experience, providing me with valuable insights. While I already held a realistic perspective before this journey, it has further deepened my understanding of the distinctions between sales, marketing, and people in Europe and the USA.” 

Svetlana Margetová, Founder at Pulsar 

"Continuous learning, an open mindset, and stepping out of my comfort zone are crucial to my professional journey, especially as ELLIO Technology enters its next phase. The SOSA Bootcamp connected me with experienced experts who provided valuable insights into the US business landscape and cultural nuances. It was highly beneficial for my professional development.”

Jana Tomasikova, Co-Founder at ELLIO Technology

Program Benefits

The 2023 Czech Startup Bootcamp demonstrates how SOSA's expertise aligns with startups' aspirations and paves a clear path to global expansion. Reflecting on the rich experiences of those two days, the U.S. journey for these promising startups is just beginning.

Going beyond the immediate program, SOSA introduces an array of program benefits, offering scale-up workshops, mentoring sessions, and invaluable connections to the extensive SOSA network. 

SOSA stands as the ultimate landing pad in NYC, where alumni not only get access to the vibrant offices in New York for a full year post-program but also receive dedicated support from SOSA's experienced team and access to a dynamic network, creating  a comprehensive ecosystem that propels them towards U.S. market success.

Alumni also become indexed on Savvy, SOSA's groundbreaking innovation management platform. Being indexed on Savvy grants startups unparalleled visibility and access, opening doors to collaboration, partnerships, and potential engagements with corporate and government innovation teams.

SOSA’s unique position

During this boot camp, SOSA not only showcased its ability to help build success stories but also how it serves as a valuable partner for governments seeking to expand their startup ecosystems globally. 

Drawing on their extensive experience, SOSA has already executed 40 diverse programs, ranging from two-day boot camps to 6 months accelerator programs, involving hundreds of startups and collaborating with governments worldwide, all geared towards propelling local startups into the US and global markets.

SOSA’s accelerator program holds a unique advantage: our deep engagement with over 100 global corporations and leading investors (VCs and CVCs) who rely on us for technology scouting and investment deal flow. This insider knowledge allows us to tailor our accelerator programs, offering startups targeted guidance and practical tools that align perfectly with corporate and investor expectations. Additionally, it grants us unparalleled access to facilitate meaningful introductions.

Ready to propel your local startups onto the global stage? Discuss with our experts how SOSA can tailor an accelerator program to amplify their success.

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