Introducing Cohort 2 Start-Ups from SOSA-HTX Open Innovation Challenge!

The SOSA-HTX Open Innovation Challenge, in partnership with HTX in Singapore, has launched its second cohort. This program accelerates cutting-edge technologies for homeland security.

SOSA's Editorial Team
December 2023

In collaboration with our international partners, Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) and Knovel Engineering, a unique dual-use technology acceleration programme is established to address the challenges of the homeland security (HLS) domain in Singapore.

The programme aims to identify and nurture early-stage ideas, transforming them into pioneering public safety and security solutions and broader applications.

The second cohort features start-ups that address Frontline Emergency and Rescue, Health and People Monitoring, Border Security, Speech Processing challenges, and more. We’re thrilled to introduce the start-ups selected for this innovation journey:

- Abax: Spearheading speaker diarization for multi-speaker environments.
- Epic Blue: Revolutionizing offline indoor positioning.
- GaitMetrics: Pioneering remote real-time health monitoring.
- M-CADOR: Innovating remote indoor people identification and counting.
- Opsis - Emotion Gen AI: Leading in the early detection of emotional distress or stress signals.
- Speechmatics: Transforming transcription of multi-lingual or colloquial conversations.

These promising companies will be awarded a US$50,000 non-equity grant to develop a proof of concept, and validate their technologies for real-world implementations. Over the next five months, they will have an unique opportunity to collaborate closely with operational end-users from the various homeland security organizations and HTX. The accelerator cohort is poised to shape the future of homeland security in Singapore and beyond.

For more information on the upcoming challenges in 2024, please visit

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