October 2021

Sustainability: from buzzword to lifeline.

The next decade offers opportunities for enterprises to make an unprecedentedly strong and measurable impact which has been previously unavailable. In this report, we take a deep-dive into three major industries and the latest tech advancements proven successful at reducing carbon emissions.

Green space

The next climate catastrophe is imminent, and talk of climate change, and the harmful effects tied to the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere, is front and center (it's quite literally raining down on us).

Given their large-scale impact, corporations have the responsibility and capabilities to be the greatest catalyst for change in a new planet-positive era. Undoubtedly, the 2030s will be characterized in history books as the decade of the global awakening to climate change, and this goes for corporations in particular.

"The less organizations and corporations depend on fossil fuels and the more they work towards achieving net-zero (not just proclaiming the intention), the closer we are to reversing the detrimental climate crisis we find ourselves in."