May 2022

7 technologies manufacturers can implement today for a net-zero factory.

In this report, we break down which technologies provide the most efficient way to reduce a factory’s carbon footprint, the ones you can implement today to decrease costs, streamline processes, and reduce your overall C02.

Workers in factory

2021 was a record-breaking year when it comes to climate catastrophes. The “post-pandemic” year saw the most extreme heatwave in modern history, and also mega-disasters costing over $20 billion each, tied with 2017 for the most such disasters on record. The perils of climate change are on our doorstep, and as a response, governments, global enterprises, and manufacturers are feeling the pressure to address it. Europe, for example, is leading the way in taking action by implementing strict regulations such as Corporate Sustainability Reporting standards for polluting enterprises. 

While regional regulatory efforts are increasing, environmentally-driven regulations on a global scale are still in development. “Conscious” business models and “corporate responsibility” initiatives such as ESG are taking shape, driving industries towards better environmental practices and social and governmental awareness.