Manage, track and analyze your entire innovation workflow.

Leverage our all-in-one platform to strengthen your innovation practice and follow up on startup engagements, pilots, and implementations.
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Take the lead on your open innovation practice.

Build your own tech portfolio.

Create your own records of startups and tech companies using custimized templates. Keep track of all of the essential info, upload files, log meetings and share insights with your team.
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Use streams to manage innovation projects.

Create use-case specific projects (streams as we like to call them) to compare technologies, identify the best-fit solutions, and push them through your innovation funnel.
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Advance collaboration & transparency.

Keep everyone in the loop. Share your innovation initiatives across different business units and stakeholders in your company so that everyone is always up-to-date with the latest progress.
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SOSA has been in the business of open innovation for over a decade. Backed by our accrued knowledge working with the largest multinationals in the world, SOSA Q is the platform we wish we had. That’s why we built it for you.
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