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Eucalyptus Leaves from Brazilian paper and pulp Suzano trees
Brazilian Suzano partners with SOSA & CNI
to enhance Industrial IoT

Open innovation Company SOSA will run a four-month long program for Suzano, identifying growth opportunities and embedding advanced technologies in its Industrial IoT.

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SOSA and CNI are launching a startup program to equip Brazilian startups with the tools needed to gain a foothold in global tech ecosystems and advance their expansion goals.

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Israel’s SOSA helps Canada
start-ups move into US

SOSA is collaborating with the Canadian Technology Accelerator to help promising cyber companies make their mark in the United States.

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SOSA releases report
warning against lack of transparency in AI

The open innovation company addressed the need for transparency, accountability, and diversity in AI.

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For once, Israeli tech has a
chance to benefit Israelis

Israel might be the Startup Nation, but the growth of the tech industry is driven mainly by international demand. Due to COVID-19 instead of being primarily facing outwards, innovators can thrive.

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Klabin partners with SOSA &
CNI to enhance sustainable innovation

SOSA’s collaboration with Klabin is facilitated through its partnership with CNI (Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry) and aims to identify new growth opportunities through open innovation.

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Tech Solutions That Lead to
Digital Transformation

Uzi Scheffer, CEO at SOSA speaks about the company's history and the importance of innovation for the future.

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'You Had Me at Innovate':
How the Private Sector Completes the Public

The relationship between the public and the private is complicated and passionately fought over, but when one strikes the right balance, the results are...

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In Fighting COVID
Startups Offer Governments a Helping Hand

Uzi Scheffer, the CEO of Tel Aviv and New York-based innovation hub SOSA told Nasdaq the importance of synergy between the public and private sectors.

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In an industry lacking globally-applied standards, creating closer ties between cyber ecosystems will help synchronise our understanding of cybersecurity.

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4 pitfalls on the road to digital transformation,
and how to avoid them

Some companies mark success and some go about it all wrong, but after the year we had, the digitization process is a must for any enterprise looking to...

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Trifecta for Innovation in

There is indisputable progress is in the area of technology, which has enabled societies to create tremendous wealth and financial stability.

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SOSA partners with Brazil’s industry leaders
for Covid-19 response

The Israeli open innovation company will work alongside the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) in Brazil.

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Brazil’s confederation of industry taps Israel’s
SOSA in innovation push

In the past, SOSA ran similar programs with governments and cities, such as the City of Cologne, Australia, and the Basque Country.

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Customer Behavior Analytics
and INDUSTRY 4.0 Covid-19 Tech

Uzi Scheffer, the CEO of Tel Aviv and New York-based innovation hub SOSA told CTech about trending areas of interest amid the coronavirus crisis.

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