RSB Tech Challenge:
Test Your DAC Adsorption Materials at Industrial Scale

Repsol Sinopec Brasil, a leading player in Brazil's oil and gas sector, has partnered with SOSA and Sai do Papel to discover next-generation carbon adsorption materials to test in a world-class DAC lab at PUCRS University in Brazil.

Get a chance to be one of three winning companies selected for a POC with Repsol Sinopec Brazil.

Join us in this collaboration to optimize carbon capture and shape a sustainable future.

The demo day will be held in Singapore
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About the Challenge


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Repsol Sinopec Brasil is pioneering carbon capture technology with the first pilot-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) facilities in Latin America, to enable a path towards capture cost of €200 per ton of CO2.

DAC is a powerful tool in combating climate change, but current carbon adsorption materials face high energy demands, low efficiency, and high costs.

We invite startups and R&D institutes to propose innovative adsorbents that are efficient, scalable, and cost-effective.

Top 3 applicants will get to test their materials at PUCRS University’s DAC research facilities, from bench to prototype scale. The best-performing materials will move to field-scale testing (~15 tons/year).

Successful pilots can potentially lead to the exploration of collaboration opportunities.

Leverage Repsol Sinopec Brasil’s resources and expertise to advance DAC technology and create a cleaner future.

"We're thrilled to partner with SOSA to discover innovative solutions within the Bioeconomy. We're searching for startups developing groundbreaking applications in Forestry, Eucalyptus Biomass, Sustainable Packaging and Carbon Removal. If your venture fits the bill, we encourage you to apply!".

Paula Puzzi, Senior Manager at Suzano Ventures
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Selection criteria:

- Pre-seed to Series A
- Currently raising or interested in exploring the possibility
- Groundbreaking technological innovation within forestry technology, novel applications for eucalyptus biomaterials, sustainable packaging, or carbon removal
- Interest in the Brazilian Market

Applications close

August 16th 2024

Selection criteria:

  • Technology:

DAC adsorption materials that undergo temperature-vacuum swing adsorption (TVSA) or vacuum-swing adsorption (VSA). Several classes of adsorbents are potentially promising for direct air capture including but not limited to amine-based sorbents, zeolites, and MOFs.

  • Development Stage:

Developed adsorbents that are already contacted in a form factor such as pellets, fibers, filters, monoliths or gel.

TRL ≥ 4 (Materials that have been tested at least in lab scale for the specific application)

  • Production Capacity:

The three finalists are required to supply material for prototype testing (up to 60g). The best performing material will will move to pilot-scale testing and will be required to provide the material for scale testing (up to 100 kg)

  • Conditions for participation:

Provide supporting documentation (isotherms, breakthrough testing, heat of adsorption, accelerated aging studies or literature references, etc) to your proposal that indicate the adsorbent you are developing meets the KPI criteria for the challenge.

  • Technical Criteria:
Working C02 Capacity
> 1 mmol/g
Contactor Pressure Drop
< 300 Pa
Material Lifetime
> 2 Years
Specific Energy Consumption
< 2000 kWh/t of released CO2
Levelized Cost of Direct Air Capture
< 300 €/t

Program Timeline

Aug 16
Up to Aug 20
Aug 30
Finalists Technical Interviews 
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Winners Announced & Program Launch

We are seeking solutions in:


Eucalyptus Biomaterials

  • Biocomposites
  • Biofuels/Biorefinery
  • New uses for eucalyptus pulp and fluff pulp
  • Nanomaterial
  • Lignin

Sustainable Packaging

  • Paper and/or Cellulose based packaging
  • Additivation of cellulose to enhance properties for packaging application
  • Barrier Technologies
  • Circularity Solutions
  • Promotion of new business models and distribution

Forestry Technology

  • Genome informatics
  • Genome editing technologies
  • Optimization of agroforestry supplies consumption
  • Digital management of forests
  • Development of autonomous and energy-efficient equipment

Carbon Removal

  • CO2 removal technologies
  • CO2 measurement and calculation
  • Applications and uses of CO2
  • Solutions for CO2 credit compensation
  • Biochar

Why apply?

Accelerate Development and Testing

Chosen startups will have the opportunity to test their adsorbents under real process conditions in a world-class DAC laboratory at PUCRS University in Rio Grande do Sul, from bench to prototype scale.

Collaboration Opportunities

The winner will have the chance to explore potential collaboration opportunities for developing and scaling up your material to capture up to 300 tons of CO2 per year.

Field Scale Testing

The best-performing adsorption materials will have the chance to test at a field scale (~15 tons per year).

Intellectual Property Assurance

All POC results will be shared with you, and the material or composition of matter IP will remain solely yours, regulated through a Material Transfer Agreement. Repsol Sinopec Brazil or any affiliated partner will not claim new Intellectual Property based on the benchmarking testing results.

Access a Global Network of Opportunities

By applying, you'll be plugged into SOSA's extensive global network, gaining access to exclusive partnership opportunities with corporations worldwide. Stay connected and seize high-intent collaboration opportunities.

If you have any questions, contact us at: shani.y@sosa.co

Join the ranks of our successful alumni club.

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Why apply?

New Partnership Opportunities

Essity is actively looking to partner with cutting-edge solutions to enhance its suite of hygiene products. Companies that meet this use case's criteria will have the opportunity to work directly with Essity's team to explore commercial and co-development opportunities.

Access to a Global Network

All applicants will be indexed in SOSA's technology database, regardless of whether or not they are a fit for this use case. As a member of SOSA's database, you'll have the chance to gain exclusive access to high intent partnerships with corporations from around the globe. (edited)

Access to global networks through high-profile events

In addition to the accelerator program, startups will have the opportunity to exhibit and/or pitch at global events held in Singapore. Such events include SWITCH, TechXSummit (TXS) and Milipol.

Get the business tools you need

Participating startups will receive legal, business, accounting and marketing mentoring. SOSA’s innovation experts will map out participants’ needs and devise a financial plan built to achieve milestones.

About Repsol Sinopec Brasil

Repsol Sinopec Brasil is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company in Brazil. Formed by a joint venture between Repsol, a multinational leader in the energy sector, and Sinopec, China's largest oil and petrochemical company, they leverage global expertise for success in Brazil's prolific pre-salt reserves.  

Repsol Sinopec Brasil is committed to responsible development and contributes to Brazil's energy security through innovation and a focus on environmental and social sustainability.

About SOSA

SOSA is an open innovation company.

SOSA works with innovation teams and business units in corporations (like HP, Schneider Electric, RBC, Swiss Re, and Zurich Insurance), and governments (like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan). 

Our work includes conducting research, developing strategies, and scouting and validating technologies to provide clients with tailored partnerships to solve their business problems, identify opportunities, and/or build new products. Over the years, we have collaborated with more than 100 corporate partners on over 900 projects to scout and develop partnerships with emerging tech companies from inception to completion, engaging with more than 13,000 global tech companies.

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