Increasing efficiency and decarbonization in Mining, Steel, Cement, Logistics & Energy

CSN Inova, the innovation platform of leading Brazilian industrial group CSN Group, seeks groundbreaking solutions to revolutionize the steel, mining, logistics, cement, and energy sectors.

Partner with them to reshape operations, scale your technology, and co-create a greener future together.

The demo day will be held in Singapore
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The CSN Group is an industrial conglomerate with HQ in Brazil and operations in Germany, the US, Hong Kong, Spain and Portugal. As one of the most efficient integrated steel-producing complexes in the world, CSN operates in five strategic sectors of the economy: steel, mining, logistics, cement and energy.

Their innovation platform, CSN Inova drives progress and sustainability through internal innovation and strategic partnerships. They're on the lookout for disruptive technologies with high growth potential that can enable the transition of traditional industries to a smarter, more connected, and more sustainable future.

Beyond just capital, CSN Inova offers selected startups the unique opportunity to pilot and scale their solutions with a major industry player like CSN. This provides invaluable real-world testing grounds and the potential for rapid market adoption.

"We're excited to announce our collaboration with SOSA as we seek out pioneering startups. We seek ventures focused on creating innovative applications to enhance efficiency and promote decarbonization across Mining, Steel, Cement, Logistics, and Energy. If your startup aligns with these goals, we invite you to submit your application."

Felipe Steinbruch, Head of CSN Inova
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We are seeking solutions in:


Maximizing Industrial Efficiency:

  • Data Engineering & Science
  • Digital Twins & AI
  • Advanced control systems
  • Expert Systems
  • Next-gen measuring equipment

Steel Slag Reutilization and Mining Tailings Management:

  • Tech for steel slag processing
  • Sustainable applications
  • Advanced tailings management
  • Energy-efficient solutions

Predictive Maintenance for Conveyor Belt Operations:

  • Advanced monitoring tech
  • Predictive maintenance strategies
  • Improved reliability
  • Shift to proactive maintenance

Moisture Reduction for Metallic Iron at Port Facilities:

  • Moisture control techniques
  • Real-time monitoring systems
  • Risk prediction strategies

Quality Control for Metallic Iron at Shipping Yards:

  • Accurate assessment tech
  • Improved cargo loading predictability
  • Efficient inventory management

Automated System for Demurrage Management and Reduction at the Port:

  • Automated laytime calculation
  • Efficient historical database management
  • Automated document processing
  • Operational inefficiency identification

Hydrogen Technologies

  • Electrochemical CO2 Capture with Hydrogen Production
  • Solar-driven Thermochemical Water Splitting
  • Direct Air Capture (DAC)
  • Membrane-based CO2 Capture
  • Mineralization
  • Carbon-Negative Hydrogen
  • 08.

    Control and Optimization of Occupational Safety Data

    • Data intelligence for preventive safety management
    • Identifying safety anomalies
    • Strategic decision-making and improving workplace conditions.
    • Tools to unify safety data
    • Automate processing and analysis

    Corrective Customer Services

    • Customer communication tools for service requests
    • Tools to streamline customer service requests
    • Technological solutions to improve remote service
    • Customer success and biz dev tools for steel products

    Wild Cards - Radical Innovation

    • Any technology that think they have the power to impact the mining, steel, cement, logistics and energy industries are welcome to apply, particularly related to ESG transition and Industry of the Future.
    • CSN Inova is seeking disruptive, game-changing technologies with the potential to radically transform the selected industries.

    Selection criteria:

    • Seed, Series A and Series B stages
    • Competent and dedicated team
    • Groundbreaking technological innovation
    • Currently raising or interested in exploring the possibility
    • Global technologies - without restrictions
    • Interest in the Brazilian Market
    • Technology finds application in several industries

    Why apply?

    Unlock New Commercial Possibilities

    Partner with CSN Inova to drive innovation in the steel, cement,  mining, logistics and energy sectors. Successful applicants will collaborate directly with CSN's team to explore lucrative commercial and co-development ventures.

    Accelerate Business Expansion

    Unlock new opportunities for growth and market expansion by addressing the evolving needs of environmentally-conscious stakeholders.

    Market Leadership

    Position your company as a pioneer in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for industrial decarbonization.

    Access a Global Network of Opportunities

    All applicants will be indexed  in SOSA's database, whether or not they fit this use, gaining exclusive access to high intent partnerships with corporations around the world. 

    Access to global networks through high-profile events

    In addition to the accelerator program, startups will have the opportunity to exhibit and/or pitch at global events held in Singapore. Such events include SWITCH, TechXSummit (TXS) and Milipol.

    Get the business tools you need

    Participating startups will receive legal, business, accounting and marketing mentoring. SOSA’s innovation experts will map out participants’ needs and devise a financial plan built to achieve milestones.

    Join the ranks of our successful alumni club.

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    About  CSN Inova

    The innovation platform CSN Inova focuses on the challenges faced by CSN Group and acts as a tool for the search for new approaches and innovations. It seeks to advance towards the development of industry 4.0, new materials, process decarbonization, digitalization, and circular economy technologies.

    CSN Inova leads a systemic and collaborative innovation process, aimed at strategic challenges in different areas and segments of CSN.

    CSN Inova invests in disruptive technologies with high growth potential that enable the transition of traditional industries to a smarter, more connected and sustainable future.

    In addition to capital, CSN Inova works closely with its portfolio companies, supporting the technological and commercial scale of their solutions, co-developing new applications, and connecting the entrepreneurs to the CSN ecosystem.

    For more information, visit CSN Inova's Website

    About SOSA

    SOSA is an open innovation company.

    SOSA works with innovation teams and business units in corporations (like HP, Schneider Electric, RBC, Swiss Re, and Zurich Insurance), and governments (like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan). 

    SOSA's work includes conducting research, developing strategies, and scouting and validating technologies to provide clients with tailored partnerships to solve their business problems, identify opportunities, and/or build new products. Over the years, SOSA has collaborated with more than 100 corporate partners on over 900 projects to scout and develop partnerships with emerging tech companies from inception to completion, engaging with more than 13,000 global tech companies.

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