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We look for emerging startups developing solutions across all verticals to join our database. Supported by our open innovation activities, we foster relationships within the global ecosystem, build partnerships, secure implementations, and facilitate acquisitions.

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We are looking for early-stage startups who wish to engage with Schneider Electric and advance their ideas, technologies and products to a more sustainable and efficient world. The program includes a non-equity grant of $25,000 from Schneider Electric for each participating company, mentorship and guidance from Schneider Electric’s executives, SOSA’s team, Grove Ventures and other stakeholders from the Israeli ecosystem, and more.

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A business group discussing open innovation, digital transformation and analysing new technologies

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Our global reach consists of corporations, governments, cities, investors, and venture capital funds across multiple verticals. With SOSA Centers in New York, Tel Aviv and London, and deep ties in Brazil, Australia, Spain and Germany, we identify which market can benefit from your technology; and which opportunities are out there for you worldwide.

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We know the life of a startup entrepreneur is filled with sleepless nights and one too many coffees. We bring you highly curated opportunities because we value your time. We’ll invite you in for a one-on-one with a multinational corporation or make an introduction to a VC and investor when we know there’s the highest potential to yield results.

"SOSA invited us to meet with high-level delegations from corporations from around the world on several occasions. It gave us the opportunity to present our technologies and products; resulting in business engagements with a publicly traded US company. We also won an R&D grant with one of the companies we met through SOSA."

Laurence Elisha Rubin
Founder and CEO, Correlor Technologies

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We’re unbiased and laser-focused on finding the right innovative solutions for our corporate partner's problems. Our mission is to pair startups and organizations with precision to ensure successful partnerships. 

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