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Introducing: Flying Above The Curve: Becoming Drone Leaders.

The rise of readily available drones and their quick technological advancements pose a threat to both public and private safety. Concerns ranging from privacy, physical harm and miscalculation, to targeted attacks and terrorist activities have made drone safety a top priority for policymakers and public entities.

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As one of Israel’s major defense companies, ELTA Systems Ltd. (ELTA) has long established its leading position as providers of state-of-the-art solutions for civilian, defense, paramilitary, government and law enforcement agencies. Given the rapidly growing increase in drone threats, ELTA is on a mission to also become the leading system provider for drone management solutions, continuously staying one step ahead of all global technological developments.

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In order to forecast market trends and lead the competitive and threatening drone sector, ELTA have partnered with SOSA. ELTA’s innovation team works from the SOSA Innovation Center, strengthening the relationship with SOSA, Israeli startups, and the next crucial solution in drone technology. Teams work closely on each case, allowing to move at a faster pace.

In turn, SOSA’s homeland security and innovation analysts continuously scout for solutions that can be integrated as a dual-use technology in the areas of sensors, communication, interception, and AI. These viable dual-use solutions are adapted as ELTA and the drone industry face new challenges. In real-time.

"Working closely with SOSA has been essential to our competitive business and innovation advantage, giving us a leg up in the defense industry."

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Over 20 tech companies have participated in demo days, private meetings, and deeper engagements with ELTA. ELTA’s ongoing relationship with SOSA has led to 4 POC engagements; from which ELTA has had one successful integration, established one joint venture, committed to one equity investment, and collaborated on one project.

"Working with ELTA has been an inspiring journey. Their balance between focus and exploration - brings results to the table in form of a multitude of pilots and joint ventures. While placing a defined list of technologies in top priority, their openness to emerging solutions outside their 'laser beam' keeps their innovation team prompt and up-to-date with practically everything behind the curb."

Jonathan Kaplan
Director of Innovation Analysis
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