Open Innovation.

Banks, insurance firms, energy and construction companies, government agencies and municipalities have all successfully implemented technologies and scaled their ecosystems through our global open innovation programs. Below are a select few case studies.

Introducing: The HP - SOSA Photo Challenge

how HP is changing

the photographic experience.

Flipping through a physical photo album is now becoming a thing of the past, and we’re losing the emotional value that comes from holding a printed photo in hand, gifting it as a present, and reliving a significant memory (without blue light).

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Swiss Re in the City:

tackling 8 obstacles within 4 days.

Swiss Re wanted to solve 8 acute business obstacles primarily in the property & casualty and life & health sectors. At the same time, Swiss Re also wanted their management and employees to play an active role in the open innovation process in order to optimize its success.

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Introducing: The SOSA POC Immersive Bootcamp in New York City

“Our collaboration with SOSA over the past three years has continued to prove itself over and over again both in New York and Tel Aviv. We have been extremely impressed by the companies we've met through SOSA, and many of them have been considered for a POC stage to become part of the RBC vendor universe."

Sasson Darwish
Managing Director, Global Investment Banking
RBC Capital Markets

"Innovation is about people, this is why we work with SOSA - this is a secret ingredient, the people. It's about taking small bets, on many different ventures along the way, some of them will change the world. It is about disruptive ideas, which are always best incubated outside large organizations."

Emmanuel Lagarrigue
Chief Innovation Officer and Member of the Executive Committee
Schneider Electric
Introducing: The ELTA Homeland security Program at SOSA

Flying Above The Curve:

Becoming Drone Management Leaders.

The rise of readily available drones and their quick technological advancements pose a threat to both public and private safety. Concerns ranging from privacy, physical harm and miscalculation, to targeted attacks and terrorist activities have made drone safety a top priority for policymakers and public entities.

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When startups from

the Land Down Under Scale-Up.

The Australian Government wanted to support their economy with more home-grown tech and innovation businesses, but being physically far away from established tech ecosystems and the market can create challenges to scaling globally.

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The Australian Government's Landing Pad at SOSA for Startups

“Once every quarter, SOSA organizes 4 to 5 startups that can be relevant to Insurtech to speak to our decision makers. From our perspective, we get our people to step out of their offices and sometimes their comfort zones to speak to people on the cutting edge of tech and potentially transposing it to the Harel ecosystem. It is here where SOSA’s scouting efforts pay off for us, with an unbelievable conversion rate of roughly 1 to 5, which means we start to work with at least 1 new startup at the end of each demo day at SOSA – an unheard-of conversion rate.”

Niv Raz
Chief Technology Officer

"In joining Tokio Marine Group in Sept 2019, my priority was to quickly develop a launchpad for our cyber activities. Partnering with SOSA helped us accelerate our open innovation activities in Israel in no time, knowing that SOSA analysts cover the Israeli tech ecosystem and have the knowledge to provide us with a highly curated deal flow of advanced technologies."

Daljitt Barn
Global Head of Cyber Risk & Head of Innovtion Lab, London
Tokio Marine

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