In recent years, the financial services ecosystem as a whole has been undergoing a state of core transformation. As traditional providers are adjusting to a new digital reality, the role of power technologies is game-changing. It creates opportunities for new business, new experiences and countless ways to manage a wide-range of assets that both consumers and businesses possess.

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focus areas

We work with the world’s largest financial institutions to deliver tech solutions from our unique cross-vertical network, serving as the go-to for finding leading solutions that place our partners two steps ahead. 

As part of our partnerships with global financial institutions, we have developed our expertise in the following areas:

Risk Assessment and KYC

Leading financial institutions are leveraging the latest technologies to improve the calculations of risk assessments, usually supported by tools used to better understand their clients (named "Know Your Customer", KYC), using digital public records, social media and other sources of alternative data.

Digital Banking

Integrating modern regulation and security protocols into digital banking products allows private and business consumers to accomplish monumental tasks. Digitization and automation are now streamlining the processing of legal documents, authentication of client identity for onboarding, managing services and preventing fraud of various kinds.

Customer Journey

Tech products used to improve customer experience allows financial brands to better understand their prospects' journey throughout their website or app. The dialogue between consumers and brands via digital interfaces has moved from observation to activation, as the world's leading banks, stock exchanges and investing firms take action upon the new insights received from data-driven online behavior analysis.


Along with seamless user experience, reducing the friction in transaction of payments became a key priority for all types of merchants, from the store around the corner to the hit game launching in mobile app stores. Given that tech giants have already entered the payments arena with their own payment systems (Apple, Google, Amazon and even Facebook), entrepreneurs work hard to support the race for a safer, more convenient ecosystem of funding transactions.

Trading and Investing

The current generation of Fintech (3.0) emerged due to the financial crisis of 2008. Looking for independence in managing financial assets, the new breed of investing platform was conceived, providing countless opportunities to re-establish personal portfolio management, asset trading, and risk modeling from the ground up. In 2020 we see an even higher degree of independence with micro-investments and crowdfunding taking the front row.

All focus areas
KYC (Know Your Customer)
Data Analytics
IT Infrastructure
Payments and Digital Wallets
Regtech and Compliance
Security for Financial Tools
Wealth Management
Fraud Prevention
Lending & Financing
Consumer Behavior
Conversational AI for Financial Services
Contract Review and Automation

in three main areas:



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