Digital Health

Digital Health


The next generation of data-driven healthcare solutions, also known as digital healthcare, is no longer a matter of a convenience, it is a matter of saving lives. Tele-medicine and decision support are two major topics under this umbrella that have received considerable amounts of venture capital in the past few years, bringing today’s leading startups into a mature enough market readiness stage.

As of mid-2020, global enterprises, governments, hospitals and healthcare providers can lean on AI and technology mediated diagnostics, so they focus on the next level of challenges in research, commercialization and implementation of technologies for a healthier future.

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At SOSA, we cover digital healthcare extensively; identifying technological solutions for healthcare from unexpected industries. These include insurance, financial services, logistics, real-estate and even homeland security. As part of our ongoing partnerships with our corporate clients, we continuously develop our expertise in the following areas:


One of the major goals of healthcare institutions is to turn clinics, medical centers and hospitals into facilities that could efficiently serve those who need them the most. Tools that allow medical professionals to diagnose and monitor patients from afar are changing the game, using dedicated hardware and software with video capabilities. The near future will now deal with preventive care through continuous monitoring of early symptoms that could signal health conditions that need treatment.

Advanced Diagnostics & Decision Support

The outstanding capabilities brought by modern AI and Machine Learning technologies have made an invaluable contribution to the healthcare industry. Now radiologists and pathologists are using tools to analyze and diagnose medical imaging at scale, supporting critical decisions based on vast amounts of processed data.

Digital Health and Insurance

The insurance industry has already utilized digital health technologies to their benefit. Collected information about an insured client’s general health, habits and behavior helps to create a new dimension for risk scoring, making all aspects of insurance products better for all parties; the underwriting, claims and overall experience are now more personalized than ever before. Insurance companies encourage their clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle, eventually leading to the reduction of total claims and lower premiums.



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When COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020, the urgency for digital health solutions spread just as quickly worldwide. Technologies coming from startups, universities and global enterprises from different industries pivoted to solve challenges related to the pandemic. Digital health companies worked to implement existing products as quickly and efficiently as possible; particularly in tele-medicine and decision support. The demand for digital health solutions peaked, as organizations of all kinds were desperately in need of time-sensitive solutions.

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