With society’s ubiquitous reliance on technology, cybersecurity is increasingly being regarded as an essential tool for all organizations. Recent cyberattacks have highlighted that cyber risks can jeopardize an organization's information, data, and critical systems, as well as inflict consequential financial and reputational losses. Consequently, global cybersecurity spending is projected to exceed $270 billion by 2026.

No organization, no matter where it falls on the cyber maturity spectrum, can ever be 100% cyberattack proof. The sooner an organization accepts this, the better chance they have of effectively mitigating cyber vulnerability gaps and equipping for emerging cyber risks. Mitigating cyber risk will prove to be an increasing challenge as organizations embrace new technologies such as IoT platforms,  non-terrestrial connectivity, AI, machine learning, and other operational intelligence.

Among our clients

Cyber at SOSA

Our innovation services cover the entire spectrum of cybersecurity products and services with the potential to provide value across every industry. We have expertise in scouting cyber innovations for clients in insurance, banking, automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare. We also help scout cyber and defense technology innovations for select government agencies.


Through our deep roots within the Israeli security ecosystem and our 360 cross-vertical approach, we scout to deliver corporations and governments cybersecurity solutions straight from Israel, a country with unparalleled capacity to generate cybersecurity innovations.


Located in the heart of New York City, we offer open innovation programs, business development, and investment opportunities. SOSA NYC serves as a central meeting point for all cybersecurity-related activities in New York City and its surrounding areas.


SOSA London in partnership with Plexal, allows our corporate partners to benefit from exposure and access to innovative startups and technologies across the UK. While the relationship supports a range of technology verticals, cybersecurity is a particularly strong point of collaboration between LORCA (Plexal’s cybersecurity program) and SOSA.



All focus areas
Fraud Detection
Malware Detection
Secure Data Enrichment & Analytics
Cyber Underwriting Products
IoT/IIoT Security
Cyber Risk Management
Digital Identity Security
Data-Centric Security
Cloud Computing Security
Connected Car Security
Smart City Cybersecurity
Cyber Regulatory Compliance
Quantum Computing
Digital Forensics
Threat Intelligence

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