The Innovation Leader:

Who are they and why are they essential.

As the demand for innovation continues to rise, it would prove constructive to devise a better definition of what an innovation leader does, thereby eliminating much of the ambiguity surrounding this role. 

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The Paper.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed an ushered embrace for permanent technological and cultural changes within companies. More importantly, the drastic shifts have stressed why innovation will remain an integral part of forging our digital frontiers in the decades ahead.

In this paper, we examine who an innovation leader is, how we can best define their key responsibilities, and what are some of their common pain points.

“At its core, innovation leaders must possess strong omniscience, strong leadership and analytical skills, an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit, and the cognitive acumen to demonstrate mental toughness. “


• What is the persona of an innovation leader?

• What are their defined key responsibilities?

• How can we outline their common pain points?

• What does the future landscape look like for innovation leaders?

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