Corporate Innovation 101

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The pace and context of innovation differs from one corporation to the next. As each innovation vehicle serves a unique function, innovation leaders must assess their corporation's priorities, strategic goals, and resource feasibility to decide which innovation model makes sense for their current development chain.

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Although innovation can start, as the cliché suggests, in someone’s parent’s garage, it is corporations with large-scale impact and global reach that have the responsibility and power to take innovations into the real world and be the most significant catalyst for change. That’s where corporation innovation comes in. 

While corporate innovation has one goal, improving the customer's world and gaining a greater market share, it can be done in a variety of ways.

In this paper, we go over the basics of what corporate innovation means and present practical tools and frameworks you can implement in your corporation.

If you’re new to corporate innovation (welcome) - consider this your 101 guide. If you’ve been on this journey for a while - consider it a refresher. After all, when it comes to corporate innovation and the technologies that support it, things change at exceptional speed.

"The decision to distribute or centralize innovation is highly case-specific and can be done simultaneously. It depends on the corporation's structure, strategy, culture, and resources."


• What is Corporate Innovation.

• Product, Process, and Innovation Culture.

• The Case for Building: Closed Innovation.

• The Case for Buying: Open Innovation.

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