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person driving up the mountain with one hand on the wheel
Driving Data in your Favor: How Auto Insurers are
Transforming in a Digital Landscape

The future of auto insurance may have a completely new playing field. With automakers embedding data-collecting...

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young man jumping off a dock at a lake.
Why Cyber Insurance is a
Blue Ocean for Tech Startups.

In today’s digital world, data is invaluable to companies. It is typically the largest asset that forms the base of their strategies and ultimately their...

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man at construction site reviewing project on ipad. construction crane in the background
Constructing a Greener Future: Introducing
SOSA x Tidhar Group

Our latest partnership with Tidhar Group, a leading Israeli real estate developer, will support their efforts on sustainability, green construction, green energy, robotics, and automation.

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Tel Aviv Skyline
For once, Israeli tech
has a chance to benefit Israelis

It is possible that the COVID-19 crisis created an opportunity to initiate and accelerate digitization and innovation in Israeli corporations, under conditions...

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Passenger with headphones. Young man walking through airport terminal to airplane.
How The Travel Industry
is Coming Together in Turbulent Times

For the travel industry catering to a now more fearful and more digitally connected (after months of socializing on-screen vs. in-person) consumer, the answer lies in...

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Line at grocery store with 6 LEGO people 6 feet apart march 2020.
In Fighting COVID, Startups
Offer Governments a Helping Hand.

The public sector is crucial for how we manage cities, localities, and states, but the power and know-how of the private are...

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time-lapse of city lights and appear as fireworks.
Cybersecurity Is Essential
To Rapid Innovation.

As cybersecurity and business operations become more interdependent, corporations ought to start looking at cybersecurity as a fundamental component of their broader innovation...

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man jumping for joy like a starfish in front of a lake tucked away in the austrian mountains.
Why it’s Time to Liberate
Digital Health Data.

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic become more apparent through the acceleration of the adoption of digital health, we will be seeing a greater push towards...

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male doctor texting on an android smartphone and communicating with his patient.
How Telemedicine is Helping
Employers Care for Their Employees.

Being at home, and constantly connected to our devices, telemedicine in its simplest form gives...

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close-up of assorted coins falling out of a mason jar.
Tables Have Turned: How Fintech is Serving the
Unbanked Instead of Traditional Financial Institutions.

Since its early days, the relationship between banks and their customers...

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Safety equipment, life-saving buoy or rescue buoy floating in the sea to rescue people from drowning.
Why COVID-19 is PROOF every
company NEEDS to know about reinsurance.

Reinsurance has since evolved to be a global industry that stabilizes local insurance markets and provides...

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aerial view of a bustling freeway.
How Autonomous Cars
will drive Real Estate Into a new Era.

With the rise of autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing, much of what we know and are familiar with when it comes to real estate could...

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Partnership of human and robot by them shaking hands. AI (Artificial Intelligence).
'You Had Me at Innovate':
How the Private Sector Completes the Public

The relationship between the public and the private is complicated and passionately fought over, but when one strikes the right balance, the results are...

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man holding a handbag as he runs across an empty building, identified as the shenzen airport in china.
No Time for Fluff: How COVID-19 refocused
corporations and accelerated innovation.

Afraid to become the next Blockbuster headline, traditional industries have found themselves in pursuit for the perfect...

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time-lapse of a soccer player scoring a goal.
Why Tech Companies Should Look at Credit Scoring
To Diversify Their Revenue.

If you’re a tech company developing a product in any given industry, odds are you are gathering insight with a revenue potential that is greater than expected...

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2 men at a tech conference. 1 person is trying the augmented reality/virtual reality glasses while the second person observes the individual and explains he should be experiencing.
The SOSA Interview Series:
Eliana Dan, 8200 Alumni Association CEO.

Israel’s 8200 military unit, often compared to the American NSA is renowned for being the birthplace of some of the most groundbreaking...

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approximately 4 km city view of tel aviv and all the way to the Mediterranean sea.
Dual-Use Technologies: How corporations benefit from
Israel’s Homeland Security Culture.

Since the Cold War, the nature of battle has changed dramatically. Instead of a full-blown world war, we are seeing a global war on terror and new digital forms of...

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satellite view of earth surface, particularly the city lights of Manhattan.
Taking It To The Next Level: Why Energy Companies
want to be more than just your Electricity Provider.

We’re witnessing a new industrial revolution that bridges our physical and digital worlds...

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