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The CNI-SOSA Program for corporations and startups.

The CNI-SOSA strategic partnership enables corporate members of CNI and Brazilian startups to immerse themselves in the leading tech ecosystems of New York and Tel Aviv, opening the doors for engagement and collaboration with the most disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies developed outside of Brazil.

Why Join
The Program?

Global Exchange of Innovation 

By partnering with SOSA, CNI corporations, Brazilian startups, and tech companies gain access to state-of-the-art technology innovations, and a vast network that extends beyond their region, opening access to the world’s leading technology markets. Members are given the opportunity to develop valuable relationships, strategic partnerships, and the necessary tools for business growth and successful digital transformation.

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Corporate Innovation Activities

The program offers a variety of open innovation activities: tech scouting for defined use cases, tech demonstration days, workshops on innovation leadership, in-depth industry reports, and curated events to expose the corporations  to the latest global tech trends and strengthen the competitive edge of the Brazilian industrial sector. Learn more.

‘Land to Launch’ Startup ProgramS

This program for startups offers a foothold in the Tel Aviv and New York ecosystems and access to multinational corporations, VCs, investors, and other tech companies. Startups participate in professional workshops to acquire the tools and best practices needed to build a global company, as well as in curated tech events that offer global business opportunities like meetups, roundtables, and panel sessions. In addition, startups will be indexed by SOSA’s analysts in SOSA’s unique knowledge base for the prospective opportunity to be introduced to SOSA’s network of multinational corporations.

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​“CNI-SOSA partnership is a fundamental step towards promoting open innovation as a way of strengthening companies and the economy. Having access to SOSA's world-class innovation experience will bring a transforming effect on the Brazilian industry.”

Robson Braga de Andrade
SOSA open innovation team member

"This is a strategic partnership by connecting companies that operate in Brazil to disruptive technologies available worldwide, which can be applied to products, services, or business models. The CNI-SOSA partnership is a great opportunity for large and medium-sized companies and startups that want to be innovative and gain space in the global market ”

Gianna sagazio
director of innovation

About cni

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) is the organization that represents Brazilian industry. As the highest body in the employers' union system of industry, it has defended the interests of the domestic industry since its founding in 1938, working in coordination with the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government as well as with several entities and organizations in Brazil and abroad.

CNI represents 27 federations of industries and 1,250 employer unions, to which almost 700,000 enterprises are affiliated. It directly manages the Social Service of Industry (SESI), the National Services for Industrial Learning (SENAI) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL). Together with CNI, these institutions form the Industry System, which also brings together state industry federations and employer unions.

Appreciating the diverse and dynamic nature of Brazil's industrial sector, the SOSA-CNI program is tailored to fit the lingual, societal, and economic factors that make up the country's unique tech ecosystem. 

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