The Bizkaia-SOSA Landing pad program.

Bizkaia’s partnership with SOSA was created to leverage the strength of the Basque country’s ecosystem, and enhance the competitive edge of  its corporations and startups into the world’s leading tech capitals.

Why Join
The Program?

Global Exchange of Innovation 

Participating members from the Basque region gain access to SOSA’s network and global locations, as well as introductions to key industry stakeholders, investors, government officials, academic leaders, and multinational corporations to support their growth efforts and scale globally.

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SOSA corporate innovation team discussing new data driven solutions

‘Land to Launch’ Startup Program at SOSA TLV

The Bizkaia ‘Land to Launch’ startup program is an exclusively curated program designed to enable entrepreneurs to gain  the tools, exposure, market access, and business opportunities needed to build global companies. In addition, startups will be indexed by SOSA’s analysts in SOSA’s unique knowledge base, for the prospective opportunity to be introduced to SOSA’s network of multinational corporations.

Corporate Innovation activities

The Bizkaia corporate innovation program is designed to help organizations acutely address a challenge or execute a long-term digital transformation strategy. Organizations will work closely with our innovation team throughout the entire innovation process: from tech scouting with defined use-cases to unbiased deal flow and private solution demonstrations. Learn more.

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SOSA open innovation team member

“This program gave us the opportunity to get in touch and learn from one of the most dynamic, unique and innovative environments for startups.”

Carmen Burgo
Marketing Director
SOSA open innovation team member

“Coming to Tel Aviv, is like coming to the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. It is a brilliant experience. You visit a new country, meet new startups, VCs, and people who want to help you. This is a great way to grow as a company. I would recommend it 100 percent.” 

Aitor Arteta
Founder and CEO

About BEAZ Bizkaia

Beaz Bizkaia is a public company of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, which was created to support local enterprises and entrepreneurs in their efforts to create new projects, innovate, invest, and go global. The entity provides a wide range of services and grants both to the local companies and the ones willing to "land" in Biscay, having two clear targets: generation of new companies in the ecosystem and the acceleration of existing ones.

The territory of Biscay is one of the world´s best connected entrepreneurship hub through a global network of stakeholders. Beaz Bizkaia attracts and promotes foreign direct investment into the territory, being one of the regions with the best reputation of doing business.

Appreciating the distinct cultural, lingual, societal, and economic features that make up the Basque tech ecosystem, the Bizkaia-SOSA program allows Bizkaia members to undergo corporate tech transformations and for startups to scale and go global in their target market.

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