BUild and Scale your TECH ECOSYSTEM.
Advance Innovation.

By facilitating corporate tech transformation and scaling emerging startups, we witness innovation ecosystems grow and drive economic value. 

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Programs for
governments and Cities.

drive Economic Growth.

Our programs are designed to support a global exchange of innovation that creates economic development, high paying tech jobs, a diverse multicultural workforce, and a stronger, more inclusive society. 

Engineers working with innovation technologies
SOSA team working with a digital startup

GET IN ON THE Knowledge.

Our methodological process provides your corporations and startups with key insights, hands-on workshops, skill sets, and best practices accumulated over years of data mining and personal relationships within the tech industry.

ACCESS A Global Network.

Reach multinational corporations, tech companies, and industry experts worldwide. With SOSA locations in Tel Aviv, New York, and London, you’ll have access to soft landing pads and physical operational bases in the most robust tech ecosystems.

A room full of young startup entrepreneurs participating in an innovation program

From Australia, to Brazil, Germany, Spain and the United States, we’ve worked with public entities to promote their unique ecosystems. Local entrepreneurs have successfully exported their technology and corporations have implemented solutions from all over the world.

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Governmental Programs.

GOVERnment Programs for
corporations include:

Corporate Open Innovation

Tech scouting for specific use cases, bringing unbiased, curated opportunities and private solution demonstrations that allow corporations to meet exactly the tech companies they need to stay ahead.

Pilots & Strategic Investments

A structured process that supports partnerships between corporations and tech companies on POCs, pilots, and investments. 

Technology Reports & Insights

In-depth reports that cover trends, emerging technologies, relevant acquisitions and investments occurring in the leading tech ecosystems.

GOVERnment Programs for
startups include:

a Global Presence through sosa residencies

Physical frameworks for startups to support their business efforts with the guidance of a landing pad manager and the entire SOSA team. With SOSA locations in Tel Aviv, New York, and London, startups access and operate from the world's most strategic ecosystems.

Scale Up Workshops

Sessions designed to give startups the tools and best practices needed in order to build a global company. These include workshops ranging from how to pitch, reach a product market fit, pivot, build a long term business strategy, and scale. 

Access to SOSA’s network

Conferences, networking events, and one on one consultations with key stakeholders, VCs, investors, and multinational corporations, as well as introductions to innovation and R&D centers, academic researchers and commercialization offices.

“Israel, in terms of Startup density, is probably the highest in the world, or close to Silicon Valley, and the Israeli ecosystem is the best in the world. This is why we put a landing pad here. We knew we had a lot to learn from Israel."

Amb. Dave Sharma
Member of the Australian Parliament
Ambassador of Australia in Israel, 2018
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Our propositions are as diverse and dynamic as the citizens you serve. We tailor our programs to fit the cultural, lingual, societal, and economical factors that make up your unique tech ecosystem.

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