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The accelerator

Built in collaboration with a corporate partner, this program is designed to solve real-world problems by accelerating startups and refining solutions in your specific industry, for your specific challenges.

6 MONTHS | UP TO SIX startups | 3-6 POCs
Shape the technologies
of the future.

Leverage SOSA’s strong relationships with startups and gain access to the most advanced technologies and promising teams out there. Lead the development of solutions and the way they will impact your business.

Hit the ground

SOSA’s knowledge base, fast-paced environment, and innovation centers worldwide provide the infrastructure for the program and all your open innovation needs. Your personal account manager will oversee all operations; from application to completion.


Working closely with startups allows you to get to know products and founders inside out and prepare technologies for smooth and quick implementation; fast-track scalable POCs to yield tangible results.




Meet your personal SOSA account manager and innovation team who will be with you every step of the way. Together we define use cases, focus areas, and criteria for startup scouting. We set the program’s KPIs, plan content, workshops, and timetables.


global scouting

SOSA’s innovation team scouts globally through our proprietary database and personal relationships within the ecosystem. We identify adept technologies and teams, in parallel to running a call for startups campaign.



After screening the applications, our team vets each and every prospective company to ensure it’s the ideal fit for your corporate needs. We present a recommendation list of technologies, and together, we decide which companies make it to the next step.



Leading business units from your company, industry experts, and the SOSA team form a selection committee that votes which promising startups make it into the accelerator program.



Curtains up. This is where the selected startups begin their 3-month journey. Leaders from your corporation are paired with startups to guide them throughout the program, getting a front row seat to their development and the opportunity to shape their solutions. Startups are mentored and guided by SOSA’s network of VC partners, successful founders, and industry leaders; all experts at building successful global companies.


demo event

Get ready for the grand finale: the much-anticipated demo day. Participating startups pitch and present their refined solutions to your corporation and selected invitees from the ecosystem. SOSA's extensive network of industry leaders, investors, venture capital funds, startups, and multinational corporations participate in the demo day to learn about your innovation activities.


PILOTS & partnerships

Following the event, we make an action plan on how to move forward. Together, we work within a structured process that supports your collaborations, POCs, pilots, and investments.

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