Get Pragmatic about
CORPORATE Innovation.

We know there’s a big difference between wanting innovation and converting it into results. That's why we carry you through structured programs designed to cut through the noise, get your organization on board, meet your KPI’s, and see ROI’s. 

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Our programs, reach and talent ensure you're always two steps ahead.

Whether you have an acute need to overcome a challenge or are seeking a long term digital transformation strategy, we’ll source the technologies and support the process that will get you there.

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We go global with corporate innovation; giving you access to technologies from the most strategic locations worldwide. With SOSA Centers in New York, Tel Aviv and London, and deep ties in Brazil, Spain, Germany and Australia, we weave together the tech ecosystems of five continents across fifteen cities. 


Your team is about to get bigger. Our analysts, tech scouts and open innovation experts will all form an extension of your innovation team so you can move quicker and leaner within your organization.

See results.

Whether it’s optimizing your operations, reducing costs, or developing new products and services, we scout for results that solve real-world problems. In real-time. We follow through the entire innovation process:

We listen thoroughly to understand your goals and challenges, becoming an active partner in building your innovation strategy and customized programs.


We scout smartly backed by first-hand knowledge, our proprietary database, and personal relationships with startups. We bring you unbiased, curated opportunities with both market-ready solutions and novel technologies.


Meet exactly the tech companies you need to solve the problem at hand. Whether virtual or in-person, our private solutions demos bring together a decision-making audience with curated, laser-focused solutions. 

pilots &
strategic investments

Together, we work within a structured process that supports your partnerships with tech companies on POCs, pilots, and investments. From introduction to implementation, we follow through.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

Get in on our

We deliver tailored intelligence so you have the insights you need to forecast market trends and strategically allocate your resources. Through customized, in-depth reports and immediate access to our vast data, we’re letting you in on everything we know.


Discover unexpected solutions.

Our years of expertise across various industries gives us a ​360° perspective that allows us to deliver solutions sourced from diverse verticals.

Position yourself
within the industry.

Own your place within SOSA’s network of:




Investors, venture capital funds, multinational corporations, governments, and cities.

Attract new business and talent before anyone else. You’ll always be a phone call away from a rising tech star working on the next unprecedented innovation.  


Get open innovation
all in one place.

Meet sosa Q

We’ve been in the business of open innovation for a long time. We know the process can be lengthy and time consuming. So we made it better.

With SOSA Q, our in-house SaaS platform that streamlines the entire innovation process, you can stay organized, informed, and in touch, all in one place. And in real-time.

open innovation
IS built on relationships.

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Among our clients

"One of the things that I really love about this process is how a big company like HP can really open its doors and can actually say: We don't know everything, we can't invent everything ourselves. We need help from the startup community, especially that community here in Israel."

Andrew Bolwell
Chief Disrupter and Global Head
HP Tech Ventures
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“SOSA truly understands our innovation requirements and knows how to deliver solutions, no matter how complex the challenge or how quickly we need it. We have someone we can speak with at SOSA at all times.”

Dr. Luca Marighetti
Group Head Tech Transformation
Swiss Re
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"Working closely with SOSA has been essential to our competitive business and innovation advantage, giving us a leg up in the defense industry."

Israel Lupa
Elta Systems
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